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My name is Paola Zablah

A visual storyteller—or in other words, a photographer. Born in El Salvador and now enriching the vibrant landscapes of Miami, I lead PZ Visuals, driven by our motto, “En cada ojo, un mundo” (In every eye, a world). Our logo, an eye, embodies this philosophy—every individual and every moment holds a universe worth capturing.

While I primarily focus on fashion and documentary photography, my enthusiasm for all facets of visual arts compels me to explore and embrace various styles. This journey not only enriches my work but also broadens the narratives I share through my lens.

At PZ Visuals, my mission and vision extend far beyond the confines of a traditional photography studio. Here, we aspire to create a harmonious blend of artistic exploration and community engagement. Through various creative endeavors—from workshops to collaborative projects—our goal is to nurture a space where photography serves as a bridge, connecting diverse individuals and fostering a collective passion for storytelling. This approach ensures that while we operate professionally, our core remains deeply rooted in cultivating creativity and sharing inspiration with every click of the shutter.

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